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Life in the Universe

Detecting life beyond Earth is a long-held ambition that only very recently ceased to be purely speculative and started to become a full-fledged research area.

Biomarkers in extra-solar systems

Detecting life beyond the solar system present an additional challenge because our investigation capabilities are even more limited, restricted to low signal-to-noise remote sensing. However, unlike the solar system, we have the opportunity to study a very large sample of stars on which we could potentially search for life.

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Searching for life in the solar System

Inside the Solar System, space exploration has produced a boom in astrobiological investigations of the past and present habitability of planets and moons. Several missions currently explore the possibility of life emergence in environments quite distinct from Earth. NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity has shown evidence of abundant surface fresh water during the early history of the planet.

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Submitted on January 25, 2024

Updated on January 25, 2024