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  • SPHERE, a planet-hunting instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope, has captured the first confirmed image of a planet caught in the act of forming in the dusty disc surrounding a young star. The young planet is carving a path through the primordial disc of gas and dust around the very young star PDS 70. The data suggest that the planet’s atmosphere is cloudy.

Explore life on Earth, and beyond?

The question of the origin of life on Earth, and its possible presence around other stars, has been a dream for philosophers andthinkers from past centuries. Yet it is now becoming a real scientific issue that can be addressed thanks to recent progresses inseveral scientific fields. Space exploration has generated considerable interest for the question of current and past habitabilityof the solar system’s planetary bodies. The discoveries of thousands of new exoplanets have in parallel revolutionized our ideasabout the possibilities for life beyond our solar system.